PPC Advertising

Let´s target your future customers in an effective way

PPC advertising has become a very popular and effective way to promote the services of travel agencies, hotels, spas and other entities in the tourism industry.  It’s also an easy way to acquire new customers online.

If the website for your hotel, travel agency or destination does not reach top positions in search engines such as Google or Seznam (primary Czech search engine), then PPC advertising might be a way to become visible on these search engines and catch the interest of new customers.

Successful results, maximum effectiveness of PPC campaigns and the satisfaction of our customers is key for us. During the implementation of each campaign, we prepare competitive text ads, select appropriate keywords, and focus on analysis of the overall effectiveness of the campaign.

We understand that PPC advertising is a complex process that requires time and an analytical approach.

We offer:

 Initial analysis and adjustments

 Advertising text preparation, identification of appropriate keywords, budget planning

 Ongoing campaign optimization (reduction of total costs)

 Regular preparation of reports and analyses

 A one-time campaign performance audit and recommendations for improvement of the campaign

By outsourcing your Pay-Per-Click Advertising campaigns to Destination Marketing, you’ll save time and money, while receiving professional advice on a marketing medium that brings successful results to your company.